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Eric G. Canali, a very experienced *amateur*
astronomer and former Floor Manager of Pittsburgh's
original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular
Science, has always had a strict interpretation of
what an "Astronomer" is. Here is his explanation:
--- "Canali, Eric;
> Subject: RE: Re: History of amateur astronomy, a
> reply
> Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 16:16:06 -0400
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> To: "Glenn A. Walsh" <siderostat1991@yahoo.com>
> GLENN, et al,
> The way an Astronomy grad student related it to me
> back in the seventies is what I've always relied
> upon:
> Astronomers are "research scientists"; that is, they
> must be both involved in an ongoing program of
> research, AND publishing, to maintain the title
> "Astronomer". Consequentally they are very fussy
> about who gets called "Astronomer". Some astronomers
> who are currenly only teaching and not researching &
> publishing may even defer to referring to themselves
> as being "Professor of Astronomy", avoiding the
> title astronomer if their last published work has
> gotten rather "cold".
> Astronomers have to be "doing" astronomy; not simply
> having achieved a degree in it.
> -Eric Canali
> (Not an Astronomer)
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Editorís Note: This astronomically-related question was answered by a very experienced amateur
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For many years, Eric G. Canali was Floor Manager for the original Buhl Planetarium
and Institute of Popular Science in Pittsburgh. He also was a long-time member of the
Amateur Astronomers' Association of Pittsburgh and is Founder of the South Hills
Backyard Astronomers.
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