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The ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE has lots of resources for amateur astronomers

in general and for astronomy CLUBS in particular. It's an amalgamation

of astronomy clubs that was officially formed 1947 July 4 at Franklin

Instituteís Fels Planetarium in Philadelphia. Although an earlier organizational

meeting had been held in the Summer of 1940 at Pittsburghís Buhl Planetarium,

World War II delayed the official formation of the organization.


The ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE has a lot of resources and publications and observing

certificate programs (including the original Messier certificate program).


The page on their site which mentions RESOURCES for STARTING CLUBS is

at: <>


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Editorís Note: This astronomically-related question was answered by a very experienced amateur
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April through October; pre-registration is necessary, but the tours are free-of-charge.
For many years, Eric G. Canali was Floor Manager for the original Buhl Planetarium
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