Teacher-in-Space Mission Completed:
STS-118 Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission
to the International Space Station

2007 August

NASA Mission:
STS-118 Space Shuttle Endeavour Expedition to International Space Station

High-Resolution Photographs from STS-118 Mission

The Challenger Disaster Viewed at Pittsburgh’s Buhl Planetarium
A Personal Remembrance From 20 Years Ago By Glenn A. Walsh - 2006 January

History of Buhl Planetarium *** Science & Space News, Astronomical Calendar

"Endeavour lands; Emsworth native sets U.S. space flight record."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/AP 2011 June 1.
Endeavour, the second space shuttle to be retired, will head to the California Science Center
in Los Angeles after months of decommissioning.
Built to replace the destroyed Challenger, Endeavour first soared in 1992 on a satellite-rescue mission
that saw a record-setting three spacewalkers grab the wayward craft. Other highlights for the baby of the
shuttle fleet: the first repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope in 1993, to fix its blurred vision,
and NASA's first flight to assemble the space station in 1998.

Malerbo, Dan. "Let's Talk About: Astronaut Mike Fincke and Endeavour." Column: Let's Talk About (Science for Children).
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2011 April 21.
"Local astronaut Mike Fincke, recent commander of the International Space Stations' Expedition 18, is scheduled to blast off again to the station aboard the shuttle Endeavour on April 29...
"Endeavour, the fifth and last orbiter to be built for NASA, was a replacement for Challenger. Its first launch, the STS-49 mission, was on May 7, 1992...Following lengthy modifications after the Columbia disaster in 2003, it returned to flight in 2007 with astronaut Barbara Morgan as part of the crew."
Column author Dan Malerbo is Educational Coordinator for the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium and Observatory at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center. He also served as a Planetarium Lecturer at Pittsburgh's original Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science (a.k.a. Buhl Science Center).

* 2007 Oct. 22 - National Public Radio (NPR):
Interview - Talk of the Nation
Barbara Morgan, Teacher and Astronaut

* 2007 Sept. 11 - CNN:
Teacher-astronaut takes mission to Disney World

* 2007 Aug. 23 - Houston Chronicle:
Teacher who went to space has message to share
Barbara Morgan wants to inspire America's youngest citizens to help
make the dream of deep space exploration a reality


* 2007 Aug. 23 - PhysOrg.com/AP:
Astronauts Thank Engineers, Scientists

* 2007 Aug. 22 - Boston Herald:
For fallen astronaut’s mom, relief in safe landing
By Joe Dwinell, Senior Executive City Editor/ Web

* 2007 Aug. 21 - Space.com:
Teacher-Astronaut, Crewmates Glad to be Home
By Tariq Malik

* 2007 Aug. 21 - South Africa Broadcasting Company:
Space shuttle leaves orbit for trip back to Earth

* 2007 Aug. 18 - CNN:
Storm shortens shuttle spacewalk

* 2007 Aug. 18 - Houston Chronicle:
NASA might end shuttle mission day early because of Dean

* 2007 Aug. 18 - Boston Globe/AP:
Spacewalk trimmed for shuttle return
By Liz Austin Peterson

* 2007 Aug. 17 - NASA:
Morgan and Drew Talk To Students at Challenger Center
"Endeavour ISS, this is Houston. Are you ready for the event?"
"We are ready," said Barbara Morgan, the day's most famous teacher.

* 2007 Aug. 17 - International Herald Tribune/AP:
Astronauts start spacewalk shortened by Hurricane Dean,
NASA plans early Endeavour return

* 2007 Aug. 17 - New Scientist Magazine On-Line/Reuters:
Repairing Endeavour is too risky, says NASA

* 2007 Aug. 16 - Chicago Tribune/AP:
Astronauts Await Verdict on Repairs
By MARCIA DUNN | AP Aerospace Writer

* 2007 Aug. 16 - Houston Chronicle/AP:
Astronauts study for possible repair mission

* 2007 Aug. 10 - Scientific American Magazine On-Line/Reuters:
Space shuttle Endeavour docks with space station

* 2007 Aug. 10 - San Francisco Chronicle/AP:
Endeavour Docks With Space Station
By MARCIA DUNN, AP Aerospace Writer

* 2007 Aug. 10 - CBC:
Shuttle reaches space station

* 2007 Aug. 9 - IrishExaminer.com:
Shuttle backflips before docking with Space Station

* 2007 July 20 - San Francisco Chronicle/AP:
NASA Studies Space Shuttle O-Rings

* 2007 Aug. 1 - New Scientist Magazine On-Line/Reuters:
Leak on space shuttle Endeavour pinpointed

* 2007 July 20 - San Francisco Chronicle/AP:
NASA Studies Space Shuttle O-Rings

* 2007 July 2 - AOL/Reuters:
NASA prepares shuttle Endeavour for next mission
By Irene Klotz

* 2007 June 28 - CNN/Reuters:
NASA moves up next shuttle launch
The crew includes a teacher who trained as the backup for Christa McAuliffe.